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TAWC coordinates your cargo in a more agile, flexible and efficient way. We have exclusive distribution, transport and storage services in any port or airport in the world, developing personalized national and international logistics for our customers.

Custom Clearance

Dealing with Customs and inspection at ports and airports requires skill, knowledge of legislation and experience in instructing the customer on the best way to process imports and exports. Our knowledge allows the customer to trust and know from the first moment, what will be and what will be the characteristics of each process and its costs, avoiding any novelty along the way.


The accessory service and consultancy in Radar are developed with the objective of enabling the client to start their Import and Export operations with the Federal Revenue of Brazil. We carry out a preliminary analysis work, gathering information and preparing reports with the stages of the Process and, of course, always paying attention to the particularities of each client.

Special Projects

TAWC is a specialist in the preparation of Licenses for used equipment and Ex-tariff projects, Special and Atypical Operations (Admissions and Temporary Exports), having as a great differential the fact that we are executors of the clearance of projects and thus fully assuming responsibility for operation.

Custom Warehouse

Our team advises and guides customers in order to monitor the entire process of items admitted under this regime and actively monitors the deposit of goods and assists in customs clearance.

International Road Transport

We are specialists in MERCOSUR: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia. Your cargo with guaranteed delivery and complete integrity. Partners for the most diverse segments Tradition in this segment. Best value for money. Warehouse and operational staff at all borders.

Drawback/Ex Tariff

Special Customs Regimes are those that allow the import or export of goods with some tax benefit, whether exemption, total or partial suspension of taxes. They are described in the Customs Regulation (Decree 6,759/09) from article 307 to 503. Goods to be applied in the special customs regime must comply with the necessary procedures and technical requirements. Our team is ready for this work because we know deeply the specific legislation of each regime aiming at the correct application and helping the importer or exporter in a clear and objective way.

Factory Inspection

We carry out Quality Inspection directly at the factory so you can rest assured about the quality of your goods and confidence in your supplier. This job guarantees a great experience for you to trade with tranquility and transparency.


Our vision

Global Logistics of Your Cargo

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